Pain Unwired Programs

Pain Consultation

Speak with coach Amari Dior to clarify what daily habits, thought patterns and triggers are holding you back in your healing journey. By the end of your consultation, you will have received personalized insight to what's keeping you stuck in your healing journey and  personalized resources to move forward.

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One-on-One Coaching

A 10-session package to our one-on-one coaching program. Here you will work with Amari, one-on-one, in weekly live video coaching calls. In each session you will be given pain science education, mindbody practices, and personal growth tools to address fear-avoidance behaviors and triggers, reclaim safety in your mind and body, reverse neuroplastic symptoms, and begin living a more connected, active and fulfilling lifestyle. 

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Pain Unwired Academy

Transform your healing journey in our 12-week Pain Unwired Academy. In this intimate, group-focused program, you'll engage in weekly 90-minute live sessions complemented by insightful educational videos and interactive exercises. This comprehensive experience empowers you with effective strategies to conquer pain anxiety, bolster resilience, reverse neuroplastic pain, and reclaim your self-identity from pain.

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Anxiety Unwired Course

A transformative 5-week journey designed for individuals grappling with the dual challenges of chronic pain and anxiety.

This course offers a unique blend of science-backed education, mind-body practices, and interactive coaching exercises, all structured to empower you with the tools and knowledge to effectively manage general anxiety and end pain anxiety for good.

Doors Open March 20th!

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