You are the solution to your pain problem! 


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You are the solution to your pain problem!


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Chronic pain recovery

done differently.

Pain is more than just physical; 

it's personal. Our holistic approach

addresses the entire chronic pain

experience through pain science

education, mind-body techniques,

and community support.


Envision your life like this...   

In Full Control

A life where chronic pain doesn't control your every move. You have the confidence, self-knowledge, and tools to respond to stress, anxiety, and pain effectively.

Freed of Triggers

Picture yourself navigating through normal life stressors, relationships, and activities without any fear of flare-ups returning.


Fulfilled in Purpose

No longer distracted or restrained by pain, you work towards purpose-centered goals that bring happiness, self-worth, and self-love. 


We help people recover from chronic pain symptoms tied to stress, anxiety and trauma.

Pain Unwired was made by and for chronic pain Warriors. We know what it's like to fight pain, stress, and anxiety. That's why we designed our coaching programs to help you fix your pain problem for good.

Traditional body-based treatments have disappointed you. This is because they fail to offer well-rounded approaches, like ours, that include emotional expression techniques, nervous system retraining, and pain science education. Our approach treats more than your symptoms. Our approach is a combination of the mind-body approach, pain reprocessing therapy, and life coaching techniques which allows our clients to improve not just their physical health, but also their personal lives beyond pain.

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Your body hasn't failed you.


Your pain isn't just in your head.


And you do not have to suffer forever!


Learn about the Pain Unwired method and begin reversing your chronic pain symptoms today!

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What our clients say

How Pain Unwired helps you:

Address Fear- Avoidance Behaviors

Using cognitive behavioral techniques we address behavioral patterns that, while initially developed for self-protection, now serve as barriers to movement, connection, and healing.

Change Pain Perception

Get comprehensive lessons on the brain’s role in pain with educational resources. Then, through interactive learning, you gain practical tools to change how you perceive, experience, and respond to sensations.

Reverse Neuroplastic Pain

Using a system of psychological and mindbody techniques to retrain the brain to interpret and respond to signals from the body appropriately, and increase resilience in the nervous system. 

Build Emotional Resilience

A hypersensitive nervous system is constantly on guard to threats. Learn to identify your emotional triggers, understand their origins, and develop a deep understanding of how stress responses affect your symptoms. 

Improve Mental Wellbeing

The experience of chronic pain often leads to self-criticism, doubt, and frustration. To counteract these effects, we teach you a daily routine that helps manage stress and combat negative thinking patterns.

Take Back Your Identity

Personal development aids in post-program success. We give you the tools needed to confidently reconnect with your passions, strengthen relationships, take on meaningful responsibilities, and increase activity.

Beyond Body-Based Therapies: Treating the Whole You

At Pain Unwired, we build on Dr. John E. Sarno's pioneering work from the 1980s, which introduced "mindbody syndrome" as a source of chronic pain rooted in emotional stress rather than physical causes. Our approach includes Pain Reprocessing Therapy, validated in 2016 as an effective treatment for chronic primary or neuroplastic pain, retraining the brain to correctly interpret body signals and break the cycle of pain and fear. Recognizing the modern science that categorizes conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, and chronic headaches, and other mindbody symptoms as chronic primary pain (CPP), we offer holistic treatments that go beyond symptom management. Our goal is to empower you not just to reverse your symptoms, but also to reclaim your identity and enjoy a fulfilling, joyful life.


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