Our Approach

At Pain Unwired, we recognize that chronic pain is more than a physical ailment; it's a complex challenge affecting the mental, emotional, social, and physical well-being of about one in five adults in America.

Our mission is to provide chronic pain warriors with a holistic and science-backed path to recovery, transcending traditional treatments that focus solely on physical symptoms. We're dedicated to empowering individuals to reclaim their lives from the grips of chronic pain, integrating the latest in pain science, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and mindfulness to transform their journey into one of healing and hope.

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The Science

At Pain Unwired, we align with the understanding that chronic pain is often not solely a physical issue. As per the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association, an estimated 30-40% of primary care patients endure unexplained pain and chronic conditions. Modern research reveals that physical pain isn't always the result of direct bodily injury or disease.

Life's psychological stressors, especially when compounded by insufficient coping strategies and emotional support, can overwhelm and sensitize the nervous system. This heightened state misconstrues even neutral sensations as threats, triggering a physiological response that can manifest as physical pain known as chronic primary pain, Mindbody Syndrome, or neuroplastic pain.

The good news is that chronic primary pain is reversible. Our Pain Unwired coaching programs are designed to tackle the core issue ÔÇô the brain's role in your pain. We guide you through a process that addresses underlying stressors, calms the nervous system, and retrains the brain, paving the way to alleviate and potentially cure chronic pain. Discover more about how our approach can transform your healing journey┬áby clicking the button below to learn about our programs.

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Hi there! I'm Amari.

My journey as a chronic pain warrior began in 2017 after an accident left me with persistent low back, neck, and hip pain. Despite being a trained kinesiologist and physical therapy assistant, traditional methods fell short of healing me. This led me to the mind-body approach, diving into studies by experts like Dr. John E. Sarno, Alan Gordon, Dr. Schechter, and Dr. Schubiner. This approach was my breakthrough to 100% recovery, inspiring me to earn certifications in Pain Reprocessing Therapy, life coaching, naturopathy, and more.

Today, as a recovered pain warrior and coach, my mission is to reshape chronic pain recovery. 

For me and my clients, the holistic recovery process involves:

  • Addressing hidden triggers and behavioral patterns.
  • Fundamentally altering my relationship with pain.
  • Returning to a more active, connected lifestyle.┬á

Fellow chronic pain warriors who join Pain Unwired not only alleviate physical symptoms but also attain holistic healing and rediscovery of their true selves beyond the pain.

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