Reverse Chronic Pain Masterclass

Ready to get unstuck in your healing journey?

Learn how Pain Reprocessing Therapy can be the approach you need to finally see improvements in your overall wellbeing. Hosted by Amari Dior, Pain Coach and Pain Reprocessing Therapy Practitioner.



What You'll Learn:

The Root Cause of Chronic Pain

Gain a clear understanding of what's truly causing your chronic pain, moving beyond the symptoms to address the underlying issues.

How to Break Free From The Pain-Fear Cycle

Learn the essential knowledge to identify factors that keep you trapped in the relentless cycle of pain and fear, and confidently address them with personalized tools.

A Proven Blueprint to Healing

Receive a comprehensive blueprint that guides you, step-by-step, on how to successfully overcome fear-avoidance behaviors and reverse chronic pain.

Does this sound like you?

You've tried everything, yet nothing has worked. Body-based treatments like physical therapy, chiropractor and acupuncture sessions, medication, massages, mindfulness, injections, and maybe even surgery have all left you disappointed, frustrated, and have cost a fortune.

The problem is that chronic pain is not solely a physical problem, it is mental and emotional too. You need a well-rounded, holistic approach that uses science to address your mind and nervous system.

You've been disappointed too many times.

The true nature of your chronic pain experience continues to be overlooked. Your pain is affecting more than just your body, it is affecting your personal relationships and livelihood.

You need a protocol that doesn't lead you down another path of misery, fear and frustration.  You want proven evidence that someone like you has reversed their chronic pain and a straight-forward blueprint you can follow.

Well, my friend, you have FINALLY stumbled upon the right place- this masterclass!


A Proven Path to Reversing Chronic Pain!

In this one-hour masterclass, host, and pain coach Amari Dior will give you the clarity, direction, and hope you've been waiting so long to receive.

Delve into the science behind how pain becomes chronic, understanding how certain behaviors perpetuate suffering. With the guidance of pain reprocessing therapy, discover the mechanism to reverse persistent pain pathways.


Plus Receive A Special Bonus:

You'll receive a 6-step blueprint that is more than just knowledge; it's empowerment. It's the transition from fear to clarity, laying the foundation for a pain-free life and personal growth across mental, emotional, and physical dimensions. If you're ready for genuine transformation, this masterclass will illuminate a clear path forward!

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Meet Your Host

Amari Dior is a kinesiologist, pain coach, and certified pain reprocessing therapy practitioner. Triumphing over her own 4-year battle with chronic pain, she's now wholeheartedly committed to guiding fellow chronic pain Warriors. Amari's mission is clear: provide clarity, support, and education to those grappling with pain, frustration, anxiety, and despair. In each session with Amari, clients are empowered to face fear-avoidance behaviors, adopt healthier coping techniques for managing stress and challenging emotions, and ultimately reverse mind-body symptoms using pain reprocessing therapy!


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