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Anxiety Unwired 2.0

The ultimate, comprehensive system to breaking free from the chains of anxiety.

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What is Anxiety Unwired?

Anxiety Unwired is a transformative 5-week journey designed for individuals grappling with the dual challenges of chronic pain and anxiety.

This course offers a unique blend of science-backed education, mind-body practices, and interactive coaching exercises, all structured to empower you with the tools and knowledge to effectively manage general anxiety and end pain anxiety for good. Throughout the program, you'll uncover the intricate connections between your mental and physical wellbeing and learn techniques to cultivate a sense of safety and control over your thoughts and bodily sensations.

I have helped numerous chronic pain warriors overcome pain anxiety and reclaim a sense of safety and control, allowing them to thrive in social environments, feel in control of their body, and reclaim self-confidence without judgment or fear. I’d be honored to help you too.

Just imagine a life where you…

No Longer Feel Alone

Having the freedom to connect with others without fear of sensations or catastrophic ruminating thoughts.

Do Things That Make You Happy

No longer chained down by anxiety, being convinced that doing the things you love will be unsafe, cause pain, or insecurity.

Feel Comfortable in Your Body

Rewiring your nervous system to respond proactively to stress and ease triggers to trauma and pain.

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Anxiety Unwired will teach you how to...

01. Learn your unique nervous system.

02. Desensitize to unhelpful triggers.

03. Learn coping mechanisms to rewire your brain for the better.

04. Recruit happy body chemicals to reduce pain intensity.

05. Change unhealthy thinking patterns and belief systems that cause anxiety.

06. Strategize a plan to live a more connected, active, and resilient life.

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How Does Anxiety Unwired Work?

  • 5 weeks of video trainings filled with neuroscience education
  • Guided mind-body techniques to build a resilient¬†nervous system
  • Coaching exercises to personalize your learning¬†
  • Done-for-you resources and templates
  • Private FAQ Vault- Ask coach Amari questions related to the program and your progress at any time
  • 6-month access to course content.
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Is this course right for me?

If you are someone dealing with chronic mind-body symptoms and anxiety, then YES this course is for you!

Whether you are a naturally sensitive person that feels more, a person who has unresolved trauma forcing you to remain stuck in the past, or if you have developed anxiety from experiencing chronic pain, this course is for you.

This course is designed for those who are ready to deeply engage with their healing journey beyond just simple mindfulness techniques. If you're prepared to explore and address the root causes of your anxiety with commitment and openness, 'Anxiety Unwired' is the perfect fit for you.

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